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Life Insurance Solutions

The best life insurance policy is one that’s right for you and your loved ones. Compare the features and benefits of term versus permanent life insurance, and learn more about other solutions like disability insurance, critical illness insurance and mortgage insurance.

Life and health insurance products are offered by Co-operators Life Insurance Company.

  • Term life

    Term life is most often used to cover temporary needs, like your mortgage.  It’s designed to protect a stage of life when you have increased financial responsibility. 

    The easiest and most affordable type of life insurance, term life takes care of short term needs for a specific period of time, the “term.” The premiums – the amount you pay monthly – remain consistent through the length of the initial term, and you can choose between 10-, 15-, 20-, 25- or 30-year renewable terms.

    The Co-operators term life product, Versatile Term™, comes with a guaranteed death benefit, plus the option to convert to permanent insurance* at any time, without medical evidence. 

    *Before the policy anniversary closest to your 70th birthday. Versatile Term™ is offered by, and a trademark of, Co-operators Life Insurance Company. Trademark used with permission.

  • Whole life

    Whole life is most often used to provide lifetime coverage with built-in savings and the comfort of guaranteed fixed premiums. 

    Whole life is permanent life insurance that can be used to meet many different needs, including funeral and estate settlement costs, eliminating debt and maintaining the standard of living for your loved ones. 

    A key benefit of whole life vs. term life insurance is the investment returns that come from a portfolio of assets controlled by the insurance company. It’s a great way to invest and save money for your future. You can also take advantage of tax-sheltered investment opportunities.

  • Universal life

    Universal life is most often used to provide lifetime coverage with additional ways to manage your investments now and in retirement.  

    Universal life features highly flexible premium and investment options. What makes universal life different than whole life is having control over your investment options. Depending on how you invest, this could make it riskier than whole life insurance, but also offers greater potential for higher returns.  

    Premiums vary depending on the coverage and investment options you select, but with universal life you have the benefit of premium payment flexibility.

  • Critical illness insurance

    Critical illness insurance provides a one-time, lump sum payment if you’re diagnosed with a covered illness.

    Our critical illness insurance - Critical Assist® - is most often used to cover costs like your mortgage, childcare and day-to-day expenses. You can also use the funds towards non-covered medical treatments.  It allows you to focus on what matters most – your recovery.  

    We take standard critical illness coverage a step further by offering an Early Assist benefit. It’s a partial payment of your coverage amount for covered, non-life threatening conditions. You also have access to the Best Doctors® program.

    You can make sure your children are protected with Critical Assist® Head Start. This coverage provides financial support if your children are affected by any of the 36 covered conditions, including autism, cancer and type 1 diabetes.

    Critical Assist® is offered by and is a registered trademark of Co-operators Life Insurance Company. Trademark used with permission.

    Best Doctors® is a registered trademark of Best Doctors, Inc. in the United States and other countries. Used with permission. The services provided by Best Doctors® are not part of your policy. Co-operators Life Insurance Company reserves the right to withdraw this service without notice.

  • Disability insurance

    If you become disabled (injured or ill) and cannot work, The Edge Benefits® disability insurance replaces a specified amount of your income.

    An Edge disability plan fills the gaps left by government-run plans so you can maintain your current wage, protect the people that depend on your income, and keep up with your financial obligations without going further into debt. It provides tax-free protection based on your lifestyle, so you can better manage your expenses.

    The Edge Benefits® is a trademark of the The EDGE Benefits Inc. and is used with permission.

  • Mortgage insurance

    Mortgage Guard®, The Co-operators mortgage solution, bundles your mortgage insurance with life insurance plus optional critical illness and disability protection, all in one flexible plan.

    Unlike a bank's mortgage insurance policy, you own your Mortgage Guard policy, which stays in effect even if you switch lenders. Only you can cancel it; you're in total control of your policy.

    With Mortgage Guard®:

    • Your family receives the benefits if you pass away, not the bank.
    • Funds can be used as you decide: pay off the mortgage, invest, or maintain your quality of life.
    • Your premium rate is fixed and guaranteed for the initial term of the policy.
    • You can convert the policy to a permanent insurance plan as the policy allows.

    Mortgage Guard® is offered by and is a registered trademark of Co-operators Life Insurance Company. Trademark used with permission.

    Own a business?
    Life insurance can be a valuable tool in ensuring the continuation or succession of your business. Get all the essentials to protect you and your employees, all in one place: Check out
    OnePlace For Business.

    OnePlace For Business™ is a trademark of The Co-operators Group Limited used with permission.

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